The Conspiracy for Good

Conspiracy for Good is a new augmented reality, transmedia, ARG from Tim Krings, the creator of Heroes.


According to Conspiracy for Good’s Facebook page it’s stated aim is:

The Conspiracy For Good is a community that strives to inspire people to come together in common causes, through a shared narrative. The end game is to change the world for the better.This community is built to be filled by your ideas and actions.

There’s a live event this Saturday in London. Conspiracy for Good is sponsored by Nokia and there are related games and apps available from the OVI store. It’s an ambitious project, and what impact it has remains to be seen. Do these causes share a narrative? Is transmedia narrative the best way to engage young people with causes? I guess we’ll know more in a few weeks, in the meantime, it’s an interesting project which I reckon merits some attention.

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