Wired iPad App points to future of the magazine

Last week at TED, Wired and Adobe unveiled an iPad app that they’ve both been working on. Looks interesting doesn’t it? But wait a minute – isn’t Flash banned from the iPad for being a crashtastic battery hog?

So how does the iPad App work? Apparently it’s build using Air. Ah well that’s all right then becuase Air’s a much more stable, lightweight platform than Flash…

O.K. despite the sarcasm, the Wired App looks interesting, and definitely suggests a more interesting future for multimedia storytelling. I just hope that it doesn’t perform like almost every other horrible Air app I’ve ever had the misfortune of installing.

2 comments about “Wired iPad App points to future of the magazine

  1. duckrabbit says:

    Seriously impressive … but in practice?

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