9 Arduino projects

Arduino is a physical computing platform based on a simple I/O board and a development environment that implements the Processing/Wiring language. In plain English, an Arduino is a gateway between the digital and physical worlds, a small electronics board that, along with some code allows you to create Twittering Plants, iPhone controlled cars, and whizzy light displays.

Here are 9 of my favourite Arduino projects:

Laser Harp

Stephen Hobley’s incredible Arduino-controlled laser harp. More information and schematics on this and other Arduino projects on Stephen’s site.

Daft Punk LED helmet

Casey Pugh’s Arduino-controlled LED helmet.

The Toot Twittering Chair

Twittering chairs are ten a penny, however, on a less edifying note, this guy’s gone one stage further and created a chair that Tweets every time he toots. If you’ve got a strong stomach, you can folllow him, here. Learn how he made it, here.

The BBC Rockterscale

A prototype Arduino project from the BBC which uses 6 different sensors to determine how much the crowd at a concert rocks. They really should build this. More details, here.

DIY Drones

Arduino based UAV air drones. You know, the kind the military use for spying/reconnaisance.

iPhone controlled RC car

The aforementioned iPhone controlled car.

Cat’s Water Dish on Twitter

If you’ve ever wondered how to get the contents of your cat’s water dish on Twitter, then wonder no more. Scoop my Catbox has solved the problem.

Wall avoiding Robot

The wall avoiding robot does pretty much what it says on the tin.

Detect pollutants

A man with no shirt (?) builds a pollutant detector with an Arduino.

Open source Gameboy

An open source hand held game device built using Arduino. Impressive stuff. More info, here.

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