The Weekly Top 5: July 3, 2008

There follows an arbitrary and partial list of the five most interesting things I came across on the Internet this week. It is neither voted for, crowdsourced, comprehensive nor exhaustive. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

1. Ferris Bueller Remixed

I really don’t remember it this way. I think I’m getting old.

2. Vampire Weekend on the streets of Paris

Le band du jour win the hearts of some bemused locals.

3. Christopher Hitchens is waterboarded

The American government contends that waterboarding is not torture: Christopher Hitchens, after experiencing it in this video, begs to differ.

4. Block posters
Create enormous posters from one image. Ideal for the meglomanical despot in your life.

5. The Real Big Wednesday

And you thought those ad guys just made that stuff up.

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