The Weekly Top 5: July 25, 2008

There follows an arbitrary and partial list of the five most interesting things I came across on the Internet this week. It is neither voted for, crowdsourced, comprehensive nor exhaustive. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

1. Dance off with the Star Wars stars

All too easy.

2. Create a sand painting
My great Aunt Peggy had a sand picture in her front room along with a fibreoptic lamp and a cuckoo clock. I reckon she’d have loved this piece of interactive tat.

3. White noise generator
For all your white noise needs.

4. The Whale Hunt
From last year, but something I just discovered. It’s beautiful, atmospheric and a great object lesson in interactive storytelling.

5. David Hasslehoff – Hooked on a feeling

Ooga chaka, hooga, hooga.

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