Epic Win and the rise of pervasive gaming


Epic Win is a role-playing productivity app that brings pervasive game mechanics to aspects of real world behaviour. In other words: it gives you points of doing your everyday chores. It also allows you to compete with others.

There’s been a lot of talk about pervasive gaming behaviours over the last few years. Foursquare is arguably the first of these pervasive games to reach anything like a mainstream audience (figures in June 2010 report it now has over 1 million check-ins per day). Whether or not Epic Win will repeat the success of Foursquare remains to be seen (what seems to be the target audience isn’t one renowned for doing household chores), however, I’d argue that the next five years will see the integration of pervasive gaming and game mechanics into many aspects of our eveyday lives. We will be rewarded for visiting our favourite coffee shop twice in a week, and given the chance to compete with others to increase the reward. Supermarkets will become augmented reality treasure hunts and bars will run ongoing, social pub quizzes that reward competitors with drinks.

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