Soft cities: parsing the city with Flickr and Yahoo Pipes

I spent the weekend hacking around with Yahoo Pipes and Flickr, and in particular the new badge/widget feature in Yahoo Pipes.

Londoniser is the result: 12 different keyword streams of Flickr images of London. And while it doesn’t really scratch the surface of what Yahoo Pipes can do, I think it’s fairly interesting.

You can also use the badges feature of Yahoo Pipes to add maps and lists to a site, and you can of course export data in JSON, KML, etc, but that’s another story.


For the moment softcities is hosted on this domain, though I intend to add more cities and maybe even move it to a separate domain in time.

n.b. the title’s pinched from Soft City, Jonathan Raban’s classic portrait of urban life.

4 comments about “Soft cities: parsing the city with Flickr and Yahoo Pipes

  1. john says:

    also worth noting that some of the feeds are a little flaky, but that’s the problem with yer folksonomy/bottom-up semantic web, etc.

  2. duckrabbit says:

    awesome … this could be a massively powerful campaigning tool. We were up for an Amnesty International Media award last night for our work in Kenya and it strikes me using a tool like this could be a really powerful way to raise awareness, create alternative identities for landscapes the traditional media has narrowly defined.


  3. Hi, good post. I have been woondering about this issue,so thanks for posting. I’ll definitely be coming back to your site.

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