9 augmented realities

Augmented reality is a combination of real-world and computer-generated data blended in real time. Still perplexed? Then the augmented reality demos below should help.

GE Smart Grid Augmented Reality Demo

The GE Smart Grid is a good place to start if you want to see augmented reality in action for yourself, however, you will need a printer and a computer with a webcam.

Augmented Reality GIS Maps


If you still don’t understand augmented reality, watch this video. The person holding the map in the video sees only a flat 2D paper, while those watching through the camera see the 3D augmented reality.

Augmented reality encyclopedia


An augmented reality encyclopedia is a virtual wunderkammer.

Wikitude – augmented reality travel guide


This video’s a little sketchy, but Wikitude on the G1 looks impressive.

Augmented reality drumkit

Augmented reality drum kit: not exactly John Bonham, but interesting nonetheless.

Catapult game


Augmented reality can be fun, too.

Augmented reality t-shirt

Augmented reality wearables.

iPhone augmented reality


No technology story is complete without the obligatory iPhone application.

BMW mechanics


Augmented reality is not just eye-candy, it also has some rather dull but practical applications. Vorsprung durch technik anyone?

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