You Tube allows rights holders to ‘monetize’ mashups and fan videos

An interesting post on the Google blog discusses the latest in a seemingly unending line of ‘synchronised dancing at your wedding’ videos. Personally speaking, I’m a little tired of this particular meme, however, the video racked up over 10 million YouTube views in a few days, so I’m probably in the minority.

Which is all very well, but what’s interesting, however, is that You Tube now lets the rights holders, in this case Chris Brown’s record company, monetize the video, i.e. serve ads over the video to Amazon downloads, etc.

But does it work? Well according to Google it does.

“In the last week, over a year after its release, Chris Brown’s “Forever” has again rocketed up the charts, reaching as high as #4 on the iTunes singles chart and #3 on Amazon’s best selling MP3 list…’JK Wedding Entrance’ also appears to have influenced the official “Forever” music video, which saw its Click-to-Buy CTR increase by 2.5x in the last week.”

Of course, there’s lots of rights infringement on You Tube that doesn’t get any recompense, but then again, no one’s watching it, so perhaps it doesn’t really matter.

That rights holders can now capitalise more directly on derivative works has got to be a sensible step in the right direction.

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