One thought on “Twitter’s billionth tweet

  1. Mark Canals says:

    Are Twitter’s Days Finally Coming To An End? I think so.

    One “self-proclaimed” internet marketer says so,… in his video on YouTube no less where he drones, on and on, on and on, about Twitter and how “weird it is”. To be fair, it is a rare glimpse into the cold-blooded calculations that run through an online marketer’s brain. He speaks somewhere in between a tired drawl and a frenetic, sleepless haze… kind of like Captain Jack Sparrow but a little more sleep deprived.

    The video of him doing his thing is here:

    I guess once people find a way to pollute every community, then there will be nothing left but the art of people creating their own little micro communities,.. and then what? Who will visit them? … With all of us holed up nice and neat in our own little 3.0 webs of friend-tastic-ness…

    It’s definitely going to be a strange landscape.

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