The Weekly Top 5: August 1, 2008

There follows an arbitrary, partial and slightly late list of the five most interesting things I came across on the Internet last week. It is neither voted for, crowdsourced, comprehensive nor exhaustive. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

1. I hate Drake 

Animated film of William Patrick Nolan jr’s childhood diary.

2. Naughty Footballer

I don’t care if some of it’s faked. I still laughed.

3.  One hundred pushups

Want to impress the other inmates? Then you need one hundred pushups.

4. The Vice guide to North Korea

Interesting if you can get past the Beavis and Butthead schtick.  Continued here.

5. The Fail Whale

Read Write Web has the full story of the iconic Twitter image. Though, in truth, you can probably survive without knowing all about this.

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