Personal content overload

Rafe Needleman at Webware has personal content overload.

Personal content overload

And while Rafe is at the cutting edge of this stuff, the proliferation of personal content and services is something of a headache, even for later adopters.

Interoperability is of course the answer: what I want to be able to do is aggregate and republish my feeds where ever I want. So that my friends on Facebook, which I dislike (Facebook, not my friends) can access content I’ve written on Twitter or my blog if I want them to.

There are services which offer this functionality, however, I found Friend feed confusing and it’s one more service to sign up to.

Personally speaking, I use Google Reader as my aggregation point. Despite it’s limitations, it’s open, easy to organise and loads superfast (something which neither Netvibes or iGoogle do) and I guess as the Google apps suite develops, other messaging, publishing and social features will be integrated.

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