The Weekly Top 5 Websites: June 6, 2008

There follows an arbitrary and partial list of the five things I most enjoyed on the Internet this week. It is neither voted for, crowdsourced, comprehensive nor exhaustive. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

1. Please Vote for Me (trailer)
Chinese school children elect a class president. And not a tank in sight.

Part 1 2 3 4 5

2. Is that Jackson Pollock? No, it’s penguin shit.
Nathan Myhrvold talks about what he does.
Clifford Stoll talks about what he doesn’t do. From the ever excellent Ted Talks.

3. Ten mind blowing animations
Some of these animations are a bit rough and ready, however, I’m sure if you wait six months or so you’ll probably see strangely similar yet slicker versions selling you washing powder or cat litter. Hurrah for advertising.

4. Demitri Martin

If you’re American you probably got sick of his cheery surrealist schtick some time ago, but
Martin’s not got a huge profile in the UK and I found this pretty funny though you’ve probably moved onto liking something newer, edgier underground act which I’ll probably pick up on in about six months time when they’ll be like, so totally over.

5. Web Design Ting
OK. I know this is supposed to be a blog about what goes on in websites and not how to make them. But this a great place to start for those looking to pimp their digital crib.

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