Internet Trends 2010 – Mary Meeker says it’s all about mobile

Morgan Stanley chief analyst Mary Meeker is one the industry’s most respected commentators. I’ve posted some of her analyses here before, in part because they help contextualise current events in broader trends, and they’re relatively free from the hype and spin that can dog a lot of industry comment. Her most recent presentation focuses on mobile and mobile advertising. Key points are that in the next year smart-phones will, for the first time, outsell desktop and laptops combined – heralding the beginning of the age of mobile computing. This opens the door for mobile content, services and advertising, sectors which all offer great opportunity. This is is all happening much quicker than the desktop boom did – increased competition and innovation are pushing markets further and faster than would have seemed possible five years ago. MIDS, and the Internet of Things also push demand.

As always there’s lots of quant to back up her assertions.

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