Google Chrome is really fast

O.K., this isn’t about content, but I guess the beta launch of Chrome is the biggest news on the web for a while.

I haven’t had time for a full look, however, the most immediately obvious feature, and main ‘take home point’, is that it is really, really fast.

The interface and feature set are a little rudimentary, however, I’m sure we’ll soon see developer toolkits and the like, all of which will sit on top of their superfast engine.

Chrome is undoubtedly serious competition for all concerned. Load times matter. Particularly for complex RIAs. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the ongoing web platform battle between, Ajax, Flex/Flash and Silverlight.

On a side note, my limited research (clicking around a few sites) seems to suggest that it also makes Flash usable. Now that’s some feat.

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