Adobe announces searchable SWF (Flash) files

Usability expert Jakob Neilsen isn’t a big fan of Flash. I agree with him. It’s O.K. in small doses and in the right context, however, it’s all-too-often overused by designers willing to sacrifice usability for fancy fly-ins and huge mp3 files of bland, consumer-friendly house music which crash my browser and have me clicking off before the fancy load bar has got to half way. However, that’s not the worst of it. The main reason for not using Flash is that it isn’t searchable: individual pages or elements of content within a site don’t show up in Google.

However, that’s all just changed because Adobe has just announced that they have made .swf files searchable. I haven’t looked at this more closely, however, from what I can gather it isn’t necessarily the easiest process but it does remove the one of the major objections to using Flash for content based sites.

Now, if only there were some kind of automatic kill file for those house music mp3s, then I might even start liking Flash.

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