A List Apart explains why you need a content strategy

Writing in A List Apart, Margot Bloomstein explains why you need a content strategy. Which is great, because it’s something I’ve been talking about for several years, often to pretty sceptical audiences.

Being a fellow content/digital strategist, I’d agree with almost everything Margot has to say, though I’d take the argument further. I believe that content strategy sits right at the heart of any organisation, brand or individual’s communication strategy. Content is the way to reach audiences, particularly in an age where new social media channels are establishing themselves as important content sharing platforms. Organisations need to understand better what kind of content they produce and how best to disseminate it. Content is key to the story you tell about your organisation or brand.

I’d argue that this suggests that organisations and their communications agencies might be better off focussing more on content than on the pretty boxes they go in. After all, why spend £100,000 on a Flash website that reaches a few, when you can spend the money on a range of compelling, spreadable content that better tells your story, and reaches a much larger audience on a range of social networks?

Of course, people will still need websites and new applications, and not everyone can create the sort of spreadable content which works well on the social networks, but I think we’re starting to see the emphasis change as the web become a more personalised, social space in which organisations have to reach out to individuals using content and, of course, content strategists.

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