ooovre – buy books online from local bookshops

ooovre is a little side-project I’ve been working on for the last few months, with good friends Victor and the guys at IMD.

ooovre helps people find and buy new books online from local booksellers. ooovre allows people to buy new books online from local booksellers using ‘click and collect’ – i.e picking the book up in-store. Most booksellers can have almost any book you order through ooovre in store within 24-48 hours. They can also help you find the right edition, at a good price, and they’re also a great source of recommendations if you want to buy more books.

The current site is an MVP which lets people buy books from local booksellers right now.

Online bookselling has revolutionised the book business over the last 15 years, and while some of that change has been undoubtedly positive, unfortunately it’s also had some negative impacts – not least the pressure it’s put on local booksellers. Local bookshops are really important, they’re not just nice places to visit or a great source of recommendation for the next book to read, they’re a vital part of local communities, working with schools, book groups and authors to promote literacy and reading. And a creative literate workforce is vital for the creative industries, like film, TV, video game development and design, all of which now contribute nearly as much as the finance sector does to our economies.

However, because they’re small and often don’t have the resources, local booksellers have struggled to compete online. This has had a big impact on the sector – in the UK, over the last seven years, over 30% of local bookshops have closed, despite the fact that book sales in general have remained relatively stable.

Which is why we’ve developed ooovre. We believe that ooovre can be a better model for buying books online, one that marries the ease and convenience of buying online with the experience and personal service of a local bookshop.

There are more details about our plans in the FAQ and the Values section of the ooovre site, and on this post on Digital Localism and this post about the Future of ooovre on Medium.

Finally, it would be great if you could Tweet/Facebook about ooovre, email your friends about us or even back us on Kickstarter.

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