Internet much more influential than TV and newspapers

Fascinating quantitative research from Fleishman Hillard and Harris Interactive confirms that the internet is now, by some margin, the medium that most influences our behaviour.

In the UK the internet takes 42% of influence, TV 22%, radio 14%, newspapers 12% and magazines 9%. And while in the UK the internet still takes less of our time than TV (38% for TV and 30% for Internet), in France it takes moreĀ  (38% to internet and 35% to TV). This may just reflect the relative superiority of British public service broadcasting, however, the trend is clear.

The report continues by breaking down the specifics of behaviour and influence, and is recommended reading if you want to better understand how people are currently using the internet.

One thought on “Internet much more influential than TV and newspapers

  1. […] with News Corp can guarantee, while on the wider front, newspapers generally have been gradually losing influence anyway. In a climate of hyper-scrutiny, these pacts may soon be obsolete […]

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